Bub & Bloom- Calm Birthing Classes

Lainey Pedley is the founder of Bub & Bloom® and a midwife of 20 years who has devoted much of her life is assisting couples with conception, through pregnancy and her long standing passion to prepare couples for labour and birth.

Lainey is a low and high risk pregnancy midwife. She has attended hundreds of births (too many to count) and has assisted many more couples through their birth journeys and into parenthood. She has worked as a clinical educator and lecturer in a birthing centre run by midwives at large tertiary hospitals, and works with women wishing to achieve a natural birth-including water births, after an uncomplicated pregnancy.

In addition Lainey has extensive experience working with women whose pregnancies are considered high risk and prepares couples thoroughly.

  • Reduces fear, tension and anxiety
  • Helps couples develop a thorough understanding of labour and birth
  • May significantly diminish pain/pain perception during labour
  • Often decreases the need for painkillers
  • Can reduce fatigue during labour and decrease length of labour
  • Promotes bonding between couples and their baby
  • Empowers partners to play a more integral role in the birth of their baby
  • Prepares couples for unexpected circumstances that may develop during pregnancy, labour and birth

For more information go to the website or contact  Lainey

Where are the classes held?
  • All classes and Group workshops are based in Mount Eliza
  • 1524 Nepean Hwy , Mount Eliza 3930
  • Couples are taught from all over Melbourne and country Victoria.

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